Lion Studios - oil and acrylic framing services

Oil and Acrylic Framing Services

No matter what size or age of painting you have, we will have a frame to suit your needs.  Our range of frames compliments very traditional pieces right through to the most contemporary of paintings.

You may want to consider stacking your frame.  This means that we fit one or more frames together to essentially create one frame that adds an extra depth and dimension to your lovely painting.

Sometimes the use of multiple frames can be highly complementary when displaying your art. We are more than happy to explain this method to you and to show you some examples that will suit your work.

The majority of oil/acrylic paintings do not require glazing. In some cases for valuable, aged or highly impacted work it provides added protection against UV and physical pollutants/damage.

If glazing is required, we will create an airflow between the art and glazing. This is done by either adding a matboard surround or using a small spacer that fits between the art and the glazing.

Our consultants will always explain your options to you so that you are able to make an informed decision about your framing.