Lion Studios - needle work framing services

Needlework Framing Services

Cross stitch, tapestry, long stitch, embroidery, applique

When you consider the hours that are put into creating beautiful needlework, it is worth honouring and presenting your work in the best way possible.  Be proud of your effort and don’t be afraid to display it!

We respect the time you have invested in creating your work and only use fully reversible, acid free methods of framing.  In most cases, we carefully stitch a calico edging to your aida cloth or loose weave fabric. This enables us to gently stretch your design over a lightweight, acid free backing. We then pin it temporarily in place and then lace it so that it will forever present beautifully without being affected by the use of materials that will damage your fabric.

Needlework does not always end up as you might have intended and sometimes the result is a parallelogram instead of a square or rectangle.  Don’t panic!  This just means we need to spend a little extra time in order to get it back into the desired shape, we may need to add some padding underneath before stretching, pinning and lacing but we will get there in the end.