Lion Studios - Memorabilia, 3D and Medal framing services

Memorabilia, 3D and Medal Framing Services

Your precious, sentimental or valuable items deserve to be beautifully preserved and displayed.

These items can include medals (war/sporting/awards), christening gowns, jerseys and t-shirts, music festival or concert items, sporting items (signed bats and balls) The list of possibilities is endless.

Our consultants will offer advice about choices for layout and explain how we will construct the supports and matting around these pieces.

Again, we use only fully reversible methods of framing.  This means we use stitching, tabbing, encapsulating, and hinging as opposed to the use of staples that can rust and/or glue that will cause damage to and devalue your precious item.  We take great pride in doing things properly and treat your items as if they were our own.

To further protect your work, we have conservation matting and glazing available.  You can read more about these options below.